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Genetic Counseling Services brings 30 years of Genetic Counseling experience
in the healthcare sector to the launch of our Online Portal
providing easy and convenient  Remote Telephonic Genetic Counseling to Patients.

We have selected from the best expertise in the Genetic Counseling community nationally
 to serve patients referred by Physicians through
 Hospitals, Clinics,  Genetic Testing Companies and Laboratories, Insurers, Organizations and Industry in the 50 United States and beyond





Discussions with a genetic counselor as offered by Genetic Laboratories and Genetic Testing Companies serve to provide key information for the understanding of genetic testing, although pedigree intake and record review may be focused to the results of genetic testing.  Although laboratory license and permit and genetic counselor certification and licensure where applicable, do not permit the practice of medicine, genetic counselors can provide explanation and direction to physicians and authorized medical professionals for the interpretation of the results of genetic testing.  Genetic counselors, upon physician waiver and in collaboration with ordering clinicians, can provide counseling on genetic testing and the meaning of test results. Comprehensive genetic counseling may be available through physicians who can provide genetic counseling within the scope of their practices as they choose and through genetic counselors within the scope of their practice. Please note that patient management and genetic counseling surrounding on-going prenatal or any diagnostic testing is best handled by Physicians, Maternal/Fetal and Pediatric Genetics specialists,  in conjunction with clinical services where they are available and in collaboration with genetic counselors and other genetic specialists. 

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