Bonnie Liebers is Director of Genetic Services at Genetic Counseling Services
where we have developed the platform and systems to meet the needs of individuals, hospitals,
clinics, insurers and genetic testing companies.   We are available to testing companies,
laboratories, insurance companies, clinics and research groups to provide expert staffing
for assistance in developing your service, by either remote phone or web-based consultation.   

Bonnie received her Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and in Psychology from
Utica College of Syracuse University and her M.S. in Genetic Counseling from
the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.  

She began her career at Magee-Womens Hospital, Section of Genetics in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. She then joined the New York State grant funded Section of Genetics at
Albany Medical College in Albany, New York, as a clinical genetic counselor, providing pediatric
and prenatal genetic counseling. At Albany Medical College, she collaborated on the development
of the Myelomeningocele and Hemophilia Genetics Clinics. In 1990, she organized a
Genetics Service at the former Kaiser Permanente Health System in Latham, New York,
before moving her practice to Bellevue Woman’s Hospital in Schenectady, New York  in 1995.   

From 2004 to 2008, Bonnie served as Senior Genetic Counselor with the New York State grant funded genetics program at Northeast Health/Samaritian Hospital in Troy, New York, which she helped to develop.  

After 25 years, she expanded her clinical service by adding remote genetics consultation with the launch of Genetic Counseling Services www.geneticcounselingservices.com, now a subsidiary of Guide Genetics Inc.  Bonnie continues to lecture extensively to community groups and beyond, in the Capital District of New York State.

Bonnie is certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics and is a Charter member
of the American Board of Genetic Counseling.  She is an active member of the
National Society of Genetic Counselors.  Her experience includes all areas of clinical genetics including prenatal and pediatric genetics, adult genetic disorders and cancer genetic risk assessment and testing.
 Aside from clinical practice, Genetic Counseling Services is a consultant to Insurers, Industry and other ventures.  

Discoveries in the field of Genetics over the last decade have resulted in hundreds of genetic tests which have the potential to change the lives of so many. In this time of rapidly growing testing options, it is important to identify the best genetic testing strategies and the most educated interpretation of the results of testing. It is a challenge to find those individuals who are indicated
for the 300 new genetic tests that are made available every month, which genetic counselors are uniquely trained to do.  

With the power of molecular genetic testing, we now have the opportunity to take advantage of  
significant risk reducing options and provide anticipatory guidance for diseases
that have impacted and ravaged previous generations of families.
Through web-based and telephone consultation, Genetic Counseling Services, now Guide Genetics Inc. seeks to provide greater public and patient access to board certified Genetic Counselors for genetic information and testing to families who seek answers.

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