After a session with Genetic Counseling Services, your wriitten summary of the session is the tool which allows each patient  to more easily obtain access to services,  information for other family members, and resource and support information

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Personalized Risk AssessmentPersonalized Risk Assessment
  • This service provides Genetic Counseling and Risk Assessment for patients and families concerned about cancer.
  • This service provides Genetic Counseling for other genetic conditions, suspect genetic conditions, for pre-conceptional concerns, prenatal concerns, neurologic, hematologic, cardiac and other conditions in the family history.
  • Service can be used for professional review of test results. 
  • If you seek genetic counseling for Direct to Consumer Ancestry or 23&me Genetic Testing, please go to Customized Requests.    
  • One hour consultation. Please complete all forms online, and submit any pertinent records by fax (888-204-5975) prior to appointment.  

Genetic Counseling Follow-Up, Informed Consent or Results SessionGenetic Counseling Follow-Up, Informed Consent or Results Session
  • This service is for a second session for any established patient.
  • Provides Informed Consent before genetic testing or Test Results Disclosure and explanation after testing.
  • Provides guidance based on professional society guidelines for your issue.  
  • A board certified, licensed Genetic Counselor will provide a Consultation note to you and your referring provider which will facilitate medical management. 
  • Allow 30 to 40 minutes for discussion.
Customized Requests for Patients or LabsCustomized Requests for Patients or Labs
  • For new companies preparing to enter the Genetic testing space, up to 3 Corporate team members including C-level executives, founders, and key scientific staff
  • For Insurance company consultations including Medical Directors and Nurse Managers, to assist with Policy information and development 
  • For  Individuals who request a consultation to discuss Genetihc Counseling strategy, relative to service, program or complex personal issues, beyond direct patient consultation
  • This service applies if your question requires the extended time, focus and attention of a genetic counselor to reconcile the details of your situation so the most suitable options for your genetic counseling program design or genetic testing strategy
  • For direct to consumer or recreational genetic testing
Genetic Counseling Services by ContractGenetic Counseling Services by ContractThis line of service is for Genetic Testing Laboratories who wish to make genetic counseling available to clients for pre-test or post-test genetic counseling. 

Please note our 3 categories of service:  Curbside,  Brief and General Genetic Counseling. By purchasing several products simultaneously, we can streamline your need and allow you the cost savings that comes from utilizing only the services
that you need at all times.                                    

After a session with Genetic Counseling Services (GCS), you and your physician will receive a written telephone consultation Summary. ( Lab clients: based on contract )  
Depending on the Level of Service selected, this will provide you and your physician the tools for understanding:

  • Your genetic risk
  • Your options for testing, given your family structure
  • The role, limits and capabilities of genetic testing
  • Your insurance eligibility
  • The role of other specialists in your healthcare
  • How to locate and interpret standard –of-care medical recommendations
  • Research studies and support services

Please note that genetic testing surrounding on-going prenatal or pediatric diagnoses is best handled by  Maternal/Fetal, Obstetric, and Pediatric Genetics Specialists, often located at major medical centers or hospitals,  where clinical/medical services may be offered if needed. 
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