Welcome New Patients!
The following forms will help us to explain your report

  • The following forms should take 5 to 10  minutes to complete, and are easily submitted online here.   
  • You will be contacted for scheduling within 24 hours.

              1.  Privacy Policy 

              2.   Family History Questionnaire

              3.   Client Intake and Consent Form- Individuals (optional for clients referred by genetic testing laboratories)

              4.  NIPT History Questionnaire ( Non invasive prenatal testing- only if this applies)

              5.  Cancer Risk Assessment Form ( For cancer related, 23andme, ancestry or exome testing)
              6. Optional: Fax any pertinent records to 888-204-5975 or send to Genetic Counseling Services, PO Box 9205 Schenectady NY 12309                                                                



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