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Service Level 1- Initial Assessment

Service Level 1- Initial Assessment

Service Level 1- Initial Assessment
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All new Clients are required to have Initial Assessment first. This service level includes a review of personal and family history.  This service can also be used for a brief or 30 minute consultation or for full risk assessment, a 60 minute appointment.  

Service 1 or Initial Assessment can also serve to collect a full Pedigree for patients who do not seek genetic counseling at this time.  The Pedigree is dated and is ready for later use in genetic counseling or otherwise.  The option of Pedigree Intake does not include Initial Assessment. 

Information from Initial Assessment or from Pedigree Intake is key to genetic testing eligibility and decision making. Initial Assessment can also be requested if you have questions about prior genetic testing done in your family.  

Both client and physician, if applicable will receive either the Pedigree or Initial Assessment note with summary of discussion.  Initial Assessment notes will outline a plan of action and suggestions for testing, clinical, or support resources.

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