More Information about Personalized Risk Assessment

Personalized Risk Assessment 

Choose this Service after Initial Assessment.   This Service is appropriate for clients interested in learning whether they may be eligible for genetic testing because of any health concern in the family history, particularly cancer or conditions of the following nature: cardiac, neurologic, hematologic.   Detailed pedigree intake and research is involved.   The most common request is for Cancer Risk Assessment.   

We will elicit the most pertintent family and medical history information and consider the most relevant models and information for mutation risk, cancer risk, or genetic risk,  --- to provide you and your physician key information to more fully understand your health risks and testing options. Information obtained through a Personalized Risk Assessment is key to accessing the most appropriate genetic test and medical recommendations for future healthcare, regardless of whether genetic testing is elected.  For clients who choose genetic testing, a Personalized Risk Assessment permits a more thorough interpretation of  test results and can be critical in the consideration of important follow-up genetic testing.   (allow at least one hour for phone discussion.) 

Service Level 3/ Personalized Risk Assessment is right for you if:
  • There is a serious or worrisome health concern in your family and you or your doctor have questioned whether genetic testing makes sense
  • You have been diagnosed with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer or any cancer and your physician feels that genetic testing can guide his management of your care
  • You have a family history of cancer and you are concerned or your physician has recommended genetic counseling
  • Your physician is recommending genetic testing for cancer, neurologic, cardiac or other conditions,  and you and your physician could use assistance in testing considerations, in identifying the most appropriate testing  and in understanding your genetic testing eligibility

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