Genetic testing is about susceptibility, not destiny, about personalized healthcare, above and beyond generally recommended patient care.

In families with known genetic mutations, those relatives who have not inherited the mutation may be spared the anxiety, the increased surveillance and other measures that are necessary for those at higher risk.

Welcome to Genetic Counseling Services

Genetic Counseling Services offers a personalized telephone discussion with an experienced Board Certified Genetic Counselor with options for office consultation. Together we will review your family history and help you collect the information you need to understand your genetic risk and the role of genetic testing in your health care.    

With the assistance of Genetic Counseling Services, you and your physician will have the tools to seek the most appropriate genetic tests, referrals to specialists, genetic testing laboratories and professional society-guided recommendations.   Whether you have decided to pursue genetic testing through your family doctor or specialist, through a specialist offering hereditary risk assessment, through  an online testing company, or not to pursue testing at all, Genetic Counseling Services has something to offer to you. 

Please Contact Us before selecting service to find out if your Physician, Hospital/Clinic or Insurer are contracted with us.

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Genetic risk information and testing eligibility are based on accurate family history, supporting medical  records, consensus driven recommendations and variable insurance policy interpretation.  Our extensive experience in helping patients with your very questions makes us experts in collecting the most pertinent medical information, statistics, literature and expert opinion for efficient, cost-effective and sensible decision making in genetic testing.    We will work with you and your doctors in obtaining insurance authorization and informed consent - through private and convenient telephone consultation and correspondence, with options for office consultation.  

 We are uniquely not affiliated with any genetic testing laboratory.  Therefore you can be assured that there is no promotion of any particular genetic testing.

 Let’s talk.  With a little help from your past, you could change your future.

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Please note that genetic testing surrounding on-going prenatal or pediatric diagnoses is best handled by  Maternal/Fetal, Obstetric, and Pediatric Genetics Specialists, often located at major medical centers or hospitals,  where clinical/medical services are available.