Case Examples

Case examples of Service Level 5/ Genetic Testing and Results Disclosure:


  • After Personalized Risk Assessment, I feel that my breast and ovarian cancer risk is significant enough that genetic testing information would be useful. 
  • I would like to go ahead with testing.  It is clear which testing I need, and I understand what testing could tell me.  I have already spoken to Genetic Counseling Services (Initial Assessment or Personalized Risk Assessment) and have weighed all of the information.  Others in my family have already had this testing.
  • I would like to go ahead with testing.  My sister has a BRCA genetic mutation, and I would like to know whether I have it also.  I don't believe that I need personalized risk assessment  because my physician has spoken to me extensively.  (Physician documentation of risk assessment including, Gail, BRCAPro and Tyrer, Claus (and other models, as applicable,  documentation of efforts to acquire family medical records/  cancer pathology reports, as well as notes which document physician discussion of testing implications-- will need to be provided).  Please be advised that Initial Assessment/ Service Level 1 is required of all clients, so that we can review your case prior to coordinating testing.
  • My cardiologist has recommended specific testing which I have spoken to you about through Initial Assessment, and I wish to go ahead with it.      





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