Service Level 6 -Customized Research   Individuals/Institutions
Customized Requests for Patients or Labs

Customized Requests for Patients or Labs

Customized Requests for Patients or Labs
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This service will provide you customized research and assistance on your genetic or potentially genetic concern, and will cover  the most up-to-date analysis of available genetic testing, clinical information and guidelines, research trials and healthcare recommendations for your concern.  This service is also for patients who have independently ventured into direct to consumer genetic testing, such as through ancestry.com or 23andme, and wish to discuss those results.   Written report will be forwarded to client, with copy to share with physician/provider.

Please complete all client forms online after making payment.  

299.00 initial consultation
500.00 23&me report, plus genetic disease report concern  
149.00 follow-up

  • This Service is the starting point for investigating whether adding genetic counseling to your Laboratory, Testing Company, Clinic, Research program or other service makes sense. This service will also offer an in depth discussion for businesses and ventures that seek consultation for developing companies or information on the profession of genetic counseling as it relates to products, services or investments.    
  • A Consultation with us will help you to not only determine the feasibility of a Genetic Counseling Service but help you to develop a plan that is in line with your mission, needs and budget, with a vision to your future growth and goals. This Service is available to  Genetic Testing Laboratories, Laboratory Development Organizations, new Ventures, Directors of Hospital Clinics and other Medical facilities, Medical Insurance Companies, the legal profession and business and investment  ventures who have questions about genetic counseling services or collaboration with professional Genetic Counselors.   A Consultation will provide summaries, as decided by Genetic Counseling Services,  from which clients can opt for assistance in the further development of projects incrementally, based on client needs, and on mutual agreement.  More than one session is usually necessary for new lines of clinical service.  After a courtesy 30 minute phone consultation, we request that your formalize your request:

250.00 -  institutions, businesses or ventures - 1.0 hour consult, research or meeting
500.00 -  institutions, businesses or ventures - 2.0 hour consult, research or meeting
750.00 -  institutions, businesses or ventures - 3.0 hour consult, research or meeting

 $$$      -   Invoices, Project Fees, Deposits and Retainers can also be paid here

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